What is the SERVING rule for the 12 and under tournaments?

The 12's will use the "lighter" volleyballs during their tournaments (any USAV approved volleyball that is sanctioned for 12 and under age groups can be used). The following serving rules will be in effect in the 12 and under age group (all divisions except where noted differently below): (a) For the first regular season tournament of the sanctioned season, all 12’s divisions will establish service lines 6 feet (2 meters) and 3 feet (1 meter) inside of the normal service line. Players will be allowed the OPTION to serve from the 6 foot line on their first serve during each term of service. If the team wins the point, they must move back to the 3-foot line. If they win that point, they must serve from normal service line for the remainder of that term of service. (b) Beginning with the second tournaments of the sanctioned season and continuing to the end of the regular season, the tournament site that has the top 8 or 12 teams assigned to it (Site 1 in the Tournament System) will play using the normal service line in the USAV Rule book; all other 12's sites will play using the modified service lines described above in (a). (c) For all Regional Championship events and National bid tournaments, all 12’s divisions will play using the normal service line in the USAV Rule book.