Online Payment Confirmation

 Online Payment RECEIVED!

Thank you for submitting an online Payment to us through PayPal!  This page confirms that your online payment was sent to us through the PayPal system.  You should also receive an email confirmation from the PayPal system.  NOTE:  The payment will be noted as "CARREGIONVB" on your credit card statement - make a note of that so you recognize the charge for your volleyball activities!

A few items of NOTE - Please READ

  • PayPal is a separate website and is NOT affiliated or operated by the Carolina Region.  If you have any issues with your payment made from their website, you need to contact PayPal Customer Support directly.
  • Payments sent to us through PayPal still must be MANUALLY processed by Carolina Region staff.
  • If you entered a tournament by sending us a payment through PayPal, please allow us 1-3 business days to process (once your team is processed into the Tournament System - it will be longer if we have not received or processed your Team Registration form yet).
  • If you submitted a membership fee payment and  HAVE NOT applied for membership yet, we cannot process the payment until you do so!  Go here to begin and for Step-By-Step instructions.  DO NOT enter a credit card number at the payment screen if you have already submitted your member fee through PayPal (click the "Submit payment separately per Region Policy" radio button).
  • If you have applied for an UNPAID application in the CR/USAV Registration system, please allow us 1-3 business days to process.  You should receive an email from the system when we process it.
  • If you submitted a TEAM FEE payment through our PayPal page, then you MUST send in a completed Team Registration form before we can process it.  That form may be faxed or emailed to us.

You should have received an email confirmation from PayPal when you completed your payment.  You DO NOT need to forward that to the Region Office, we receive the same email when we receive a payment.  Please keep your email confirmation as proof of payment.  We may ask for it to be sent if we have not processed within 5 business days.

Thanks for your support of Carolina Region volleyball!