CR Makes Decision on remainder of 2021 Junior Schedule

In an effort to give clubs an earlier chance to schedule playing opportunities for the 2021 season, the Carolina Region Board of Directors has made the decision to cancel all one-day CR-sanctioned tournaments on the announced 2021 Junior Schedule.  As the state of North Carolina is still locked down due to COVID, many of the larger facilities that usually host CR tournaments have notified us that they will be remaining closed through at least March.  With the loss of these facilities and the unlikelihood that enough facilities could be found willing and able to host the amount of teams needed, the Region felt cancelling would remove the scheduling uncertainty for clubs and allow them to find other playing opportunities both in and out of the Region. 

This decision only impacts the one-day tournaments that the region usually schedules, receives entries for, and administers.  It does not affect the multi-day tournaments on the schedule that are still planning to hold their events.  The Region will also still sanction practices and club-hosted tournaments for any clubs/facilities that are able to safely operate and want to offer playing opportunities to other clubs/teams.  We will post any CR-sanctioned playing opportunities we are aware of at the bottom of the Junior Schedule.

This also does not impact the National Bid tournaments.  USA Volleyball is still planning on holding their National Championships, and we will need a way to award our bids for teams committed to going to the JNC.  Teams that are interested in a bid (and are committed to accepting it) should still submit an entry to the National bid tournaments by the entry deadline  (2 weeks before).  We will determine how to award the bids depending on the number of entries we have at the deadline.

 The Junior Tournament schedule has been updated with the cancellation notices.  Clubs Directors will be notified, and we will begin processing full refunds over the next couple weeks for all teams that have submitted entries for those events. 

Thank you for your understanding.  This was not the way we hoped the 2021 season would go.  We are hopeful teams will still be able to find some playing opportunities in other areas that are not as locked down.  Stay safe!