Host Your Own Clinic Form

Refer to the Host Your Own Clinic Information Sheet for instructions on setting up your clinic and a list of clinicians.  Once your clinic details are confirmed (note-you do not need to confirm a clinician before submitting this form – Brian can work with you on confirming a clinician), use this form to send your Club-sponsored Clinic information to Brian for approval. Contact Brian with any questions.

NOTE:  New for 2020 season, Club hosted clinics are limited to the 14-and-under age group players ONLY (Coaches may still attend in-person clinics also).  Clubs with five or fewer teams may also receive a waiver to allow all age groups to attend.  There are a limited number of weekends to host clinics and a limited number of clinicians, so this will help us be able to accommodate as many clubs as possible.  The 15-18 age groups and experienced coaches will take the online clinic to get certified (14 and under age groups can also take it online if they wish).