Directors & Officers Liability Coverage

To apply for D&O Coverage, visit As you may know, there exists potential personal liability against directors, officers, employees and volunteers of your non-profit organization for activities, responsibilities and decisions associated with your Club. Unlike General Liability insurance, Club Directors and Officers Coverage provides protection for your personal assets in the event you are held personally liable for any wrongful act, error or omission in your capacity as a director, officer, employee or volunteer. It also provides protection for Non-profit Clubs if named as a defendant in a lawsuit. Our general observation is that many of our Clubs may not be properly insured for these potential exposures. In order to address this issue, our insurance broker, Epic Entertainment & Sports, has negotiated a program that offers broad protection for this exposure at very competitive rates. An electronic platform has been created to make application and payment process easy and quick. Briefly, a $1 million limit of protection may be purchased by each individual non-profit Club to protect all directors, officers, employees and volunteers of that non-profit Club for $550 annually. Gross annual receipts must be under $1,000,000 and the club must have 5 or less employees. A $2,000,000 liability limit can be purchased for $850. The policy effective date will be standardized with a common expiration date of 11/1/2023. To view a Program Summary page of the D&O Policy, click here. To view a more comprehensive document about USA Volleyball’s Directors & Officer’s Insurance Program, click here. Epic Entertainment and Sport provides resources to better understand directors and officers insurance needs and policy information. If you have questions or special needs concerning the Club Directors & Officers Liability Program, please contact Anna Sokolove at 678.324.3327 or by email at