NC Volleyball Hall of Fame

The North Carolina Volleyball Hall of Fame honors outstanding players, coaches, officials, leaders, and teams who have made extraordinary or significant contributions to the sport of volleyball within the state of North Carolina. The Hall was founded in 2013 by the Carolina Regional Volleyball Association to bring more recognition to those who have contributed to the advancement of the sport in North Carolina.

Inductee Plaques are currently on display at the Carolina Region offices in Clemmons. They are available for viewing to the public during regular office hours and by appointment.  Click on name below to see more about the inductee.


Inducted in 2013 Inducted in 2019 Inducted in 2019
Frederick (Fred) N Wendelboe Rick Bardolph Teresa (Tere) K Dail
  Founder Founder
Inducted in 2020 Inducted in 2021 Inducted in 2022
Joe Sagula Megan Hodge Easy Jeff “Hoppy” Hoppen
Coach Player Official
Inducted in 2023    
Vaughn Hastings    



Inducted in 2020 Inducted in 2021 Inducted in 2022
CJV-Slam International Jammers Triangle 18 Kaepa
Inducted in 2023    
Triangle 16 Black    


USA Volleyball National Certifications    
1970’s (Recognized in 2023) 1980’s (Recognized in 2023)  
Bob Mize Steve Ellis
Fred Wendelboe
Clark Wright
Charlie McAllister
Rob Boggs
Chuck Morris