Outdoor Tournament Results

1999 Outdoor Tournament Results

Included here will be the results from the WCVC outdoor tournaments that were sanctioned by the Carolina Region. We will post other outdoor tournament results if they are sent to us.

July 17, 1999 WCVC in Raleigh:

Women’s A Grass 3’s Regina Brown
Sharon Biggs
Ingrid Wicker
Jennifer Childress
Ann Leininger
Dara Wittenberg
Women’s BB Grass 3’s Tracy Savage
Gigi Wainwright
Carol Wendel
Rebecca Barnhill
Lisa Lasher
Jane Sims
Coed Grass 3’s Margaret ?
Mark ?
Randy ?
Peter Marthia
John ?
Diane Phillips
Men’s A Grass 3’s Curtis Connor
Mike Genova
Matt ?
Devin Day
Jeff Byrd
Men’s BB Grass 3’s buscar Louis Cagle
Buddy Garrison
Dave Hesselberth
Randall Boose
Pat Sproule
Dan ?
Men’s Sand 2’s Kurt Sunday
Adam Birkenheuer
Shawn Curtis
Tom Cain