SafeSport Program

Athletes will perform better, soar higher, and get more from sport if they feel safe. The U.S. Center for SafeSport seeks to create a healthy, supportive environment for all participants. Through education, resources, and training, we help members of the sport community recognize, reduce, and respond to misconduct in sport.

For Information on the SafeSport Victim Services Helpline, click here.

This page has links to the main U.S. Center for SafeSport website as well as other resources identified through the Program.  Please help us provide a safe and fun environment for all our participants!

SafeSport Training:

  • Please be advised that the U.S. Center for SafeSport new course modules are now available.  Further, we are able to deliver the coursework through the USAV Academy.  Accessing the course through the USAV Academy is critical to tracking certification and expiration dates. ALL Carolina Region members MUST access the course exclusively through the USAV Academy (not the USOC SafeSport website).  Many Carolina Region members will have their SafeSport certification expiring on Oct 31, 2018 (log in to your account to see when your certification expires).  If your SafeSport is expiring, you will need to take the new “Core Center for SafeSport Training“.
  • To register for SafeSport training:
    1. Go to
    2. Log in to your USAV account.
    3. In the navigation menu, click on USAV Clinics and select USAV Coaching Clinics.
    4. Select: Core Center for SafeSport Training.
    5. Complete registration.
    6. To access coursework, click on the Log into USAV Academy button at bottom of your menu.

    Should you need to return to your coursework at a later time, log in to your USAV account and click on the Log into USAV Academy button at the bottom of your menu.

    For technical issues, while completing the course, please visit:

SafeSport Training for Minor Participant:

The U.S. Center for SafeSport now requires that all 18 year old or older individuals that are participating in Junior events must complete the SafeSport course.  This includes 18 year old players on a junior team.  If a player is turning 18 this junior season, they can take the SafeSport course in advance to meet this requirement (recommended).  Taking it early will ensure there are no eligibility issues at an event.  Minors will need permission from their parent/legal guardian to take the SafeSport Course.  Parents/Legal guardians can go to this online Parental Consent Form to submit electronically.  SafeSport staff will review the form and then manually enroll the minor in the SafeSport course. Once enrolled, the player will access if inside their USAV Academy site (log in to USAV member record and then click the USAV Academy button at bottom of the menu).

SafeSport Parent Training:

The USOC has developed training geared specifically towards the parents of our youth athletes. This training is a great tool to ensure that everyone in our sport community is speaking the same language when it comes to the prevention of misconduct in sport.  NOTE:  The Parent Training will NOT satisfy the SafeSport requirement for Junior Coaches!  All Junior Coaches and Junior Club Personnel should take the Full course (see above)!

To Complete the Training:
1. Go to
2. Click STORE
3. Choose SafeSport Parent Training
4. Click ADD TO BAG
5. Click CHECKOUT (there is no charge)
6. Follow the on-screen instructions for registering and completing the training. If you have never created a log in for this site click REGISTER.