2022 Meritorious Service Award Winners

2022 Meritorious Service Award Winners

Each year, USA Volleyball presents Meritorious Service Awards to individuals and/or groups that provide outstanding contributions to the sport of volleyball across the country. Each Region is allowed to nominate and select up to five individuals or groups for this recognition each year. The Carolina Region is pleased to announce the following individuals as recipients of 2022 Robert L. Lindsay Meritorious Service Awards. All award recipients will be recognized at the  USA Volleyball website as well. A listing of all previous winners of Carolina Region Meritorious Service Awards can be found here.


Gregg Gooch

Gregg Gooch – Gregg is one of the Carolina Region's Professional Referees.  He has been working tournaments for the Region since the early 2000's.  The Region has received many complimentary notes from participants about his interactions with players and teams.

Cathy Sescourka

Cathy Sescourka – Cathy is a Sports Coordinator at the Alex W. Spears III YMCA in Greensboro.  She is the Club Director for Carolina Spikeforce Volleyball Club and has been promoting indoor and outdoor volleyball opportunities in Greensboro for several years.  She was a long-time adult player in Carolina Region adult tournaments as well.

The Carolina Region would like to thank each of these individuals for their continued support of volleyball in North Carolina! Without people like these, the Carolina Region would not be where it is today. If you have a chance to meet these honorees or any previous year’s winners, please thank them for their many contributions.

If you would like to nominate someone for a 2023 Meritorious Service Award, please contact the Region Office. Any person or group that works to promote volleyball in North Carolina in some way is eligible.