HP Camp Attendees


2004 HP Camp Attendees



The Carolina Region High Performance Staff conducted two Training Camps this summer. A Training Camp for the JUNIOR age group was held June 10-13 (Thursday-Sunday) at the Greensboro SportsPlex. A Training Camp for the YOUTH and HPC age groups was held June 14-18 (Mon-Fri) at Greensboro College. Invitations to this camp were sent to players identified by the staff that attended one of the one-day clinics or Training weekend in December, January, February, April or May. For additional information on the High Performance Program, contact Chuck McCracken.

HPC ATTENDEES (born after January 1, 1990): - Greensboro College (June 14-18)
Melissa Zidar
Erin Holcomb
Maeve McGarry
Jessica Keiter
Kathleen Gates
Samantha Gates
Hannah Barefoot
Christina House
Charlotte Harris
Brittany Lysik
Jordan Kay
Mary Hannah Ross
Adria Fecteau
Sara Gantt
Meagan Metkowski
Megan Dillinger
Meredith Thompson
Hailey Mize
Kelly Wood
Kelsey Bendig
Brittany Blackman
Jordan Reaves
Haley Saunders
Colleen Wands*
Anna Brinkley

YOUTH ATTENDEES (born in 1988 or 1989): - Greensboro College (June 14-18)
Bria St. John
Kate Tobalski
Jessica Chason
Lauren Brown
Kristin Smith
Jessica Miller
Elizabeth West
Laura Mannie
Kara Hayslip
Sarah Cooper
Kaylie Gibson
Liz Bruin
Jessica Spaleta
Kelly Gould
Stephanie Lombardo
Morgan Womble
Erica Banning
Joanna Alley
Heather Kale
Megan Brown
Harriet Barnhardt
Andrea Laza
Kelsey Yates
Caroline Hammersley
Jennifer Zering
Nicole Boyle
Nicole Scripko

JUNIOR ATTENDEES (born after 1986 or 1987): - Greensboro SportsPlex (June 10-13)
Melissa Phelps
Rachel Sanders
Lisa Morales
Christie Staton
Alexandra Dawson
Meredith Lea
Katie Camp (HPC)
Katrina Mullins
Elizabeth Sheets
Abigail Drost (Youth)
Emily Zering
Sara Uniacke
Tara Enzweiler (Youth)
Katie Kabbes (HPC)

Updated June 21, 2004