2016 Beach Officiating Certification Info

2016 Beach Officiating Certification Info

To the Volleyball Community;

The USAV Beach Official’s Commission would like to make you aware of the 2016 Beach Official’s training schedule, as detailed below. We hope to see you on the beach!


As general background: USAV offers three levels of beach certification: LOCAL, ZONAL and NATIONAL.

LOCAL: Beginner candidates have the opportunity to certify as LOCAL beach referees, either in-Region, or at a National training event.
(note that LOCAL certification is only conferred by your Region, but often under cooperative agreement with the Commissions national programming)

ZONAL: Candidates with some beach, or with extensive indoor officiating experience, are eligible to apply directly for their ZONAL certification. Zonal training is offered by our Commission at select events each summer. Note that Zonal Certification is generally a prerequisite for professional Collegiate Beach eligibility.

NATIONAL: Experienced Zonally-certified officials may apply directly to the Commission for consideration as a National Candidate


Our training events generally break into two categories: CLINICS and CAMPS:

CAMPS offer a true LEARNING experience by offering one or more classroom sessions, multiple days of on-court practice, and lots of constructive feedback from National Cadre Clinicians. Schedules vary, but are generally flexible within an event. All camps offer the opportunity (under a “value pack” fee structure) for the camper to be formally evaluated for either LOCAL or ZONAL certification.

CLINICS are more compact events, designed to test candidates’ officiating skills while offering constructive feedback as the schedule allows. Approved candidates will attend a classroom session, then officiate at least one full day, under evaluation, to demonstrate their proficiency.


July 13-17 Hermosa Beach, CA. Class Tuesday evening July 12th, and/or Friday July 15th evenings. On beach Wed-Sunday, 13-17th
July 22-24 Milwaukee, WI. Class Thursday evening July 21st, on court Friday-Sunday, July 22nd-24th.

ZONAL CLINICS: (each clinic offers both Local and Zonal certification opportunity)
June 10-12 Gulf Shores, LA. Class Friday evening June 10th, on court Saturday June 11
July-Aug TBA Florida. details still to be confirmed for this tentative mid-summer event
August TBA Wilmington, NC. Details still to be confirmed for this tentative August event
August TBA St Louis, MO. Details still to be confirmed for this tentative August event

National evaluations will be offered this year in conjunction with the Hermosa Beach-HP event.
National Candidates must attend the Tuesday July 12 classroom session, and be evaluated Wed-Thursday July 13-14.
To apply, please send an email indicating your interest to info@beachcommission.org

To Apply:
While there, take a moment to surf the various “beach” modules that we’ve posted to VRT. There’s lots of information there for you!
As always, please feel free to contact us with any question, anytime, at info@beachcommission.org
We look forward to seeing you on the beach!


The Beach Officials Commission