HP Clinic Attendees

2003 HP Clinic Attendees

Open to Boys and Girls. Age Definitions for the various High Performance Teams being selected:

  • 2003 High Performance Regional Camp (HPC) (July 16-22): Girls born on or after January 1, 1988
  • 2003 Youth Regional Team (YOUTH/YR): Girls born on or after January 1, 1986 (born in 1986 or 1987)
  • 2003 Junior Regional Team (JR): Girls born on or after January 1, 1984 (born in 1984 or 1985)

All clinics will begin at 9:00 am (check-in starts at 8:30 am). Clinic will last until 4:00 pm. Participants should bring a bag lunch (lunch break 12 noon - 1:00 pm). Come dressed to play!

Attendee Lists:

December 14, 2002 - Charlotte - CANCELLED due to low pre-registrations and site problems:
Due to numbers and site problems, we have cancelled the Charlotte HP Clinic on Dec 14. All those sending in applications for this site, will be given opportunity to attend the Greensboro clinic or have their money refunded.

Lisa Morales (YR)

December 14, 2002 - Pyramids SportsCenter, Greensboro:

Stephanie Carter (YR)
Heather Kale (HPC)
Jennifer Marks (HPC)
Mike Marks (coach clinic)
Maggie Yokley (YR)
Lauren Brown (HPC)
Cindy VanDervoort (volunteer)
Kenleigh Cameron (HPC)
Whitney Cameron (Youth)
Hannah Stewart (HPC)
Krystle Miller (Youth)
Elizabeth West (HPC)
Chelsea Lavalleur (HPC)
Lauren McLelland (Youth)
John Hindman (HPC Boys)
Jamie Brummitt (Youth)
Mary-Knox Zealy (Youth)
Jessica Harden (Junior)
Margaret Froneberger (Youth)
Elizabeth Strange (Youth)
Alex Park (HPC)
Jim Paton (Coach)
Holly Paton (Youth)
Brittany Davis (HPC)
Katrina Mullins (Youth)
Kate Tobalski (HPC)
Jenna Hinton (coach)
Larissa Stanley (HPC)
Ashley Hansen (Youth)
Callie Herron (HPC)
Ed Herron (Coach)
Sarah Miller (HPC)
Katie Dennehy (HPC)
Don Davis (coach)
Jim Mullins (coach)

January 18, 2003 - UNC-Chapel Hill, Fetzer Gym:

Logan Striebel (Youth)
Andrea Bentley(Youth)
Dara Hutzler (Youth)
Ruth Levy (Youth)
Melissa Parana (Youth)
Lauren Kelly (Junior)
Sara Uniacke (Youth)
Kelly Kabbes (Junior)
Stephanie Carter (Youth)
Elizabeth Strange (Youth)
Jamie Brummitt (Youth)
Kristan Fields (Youth)
Tiffany Andrassy (Youth)
Kassi Henry (Youth)
J. Carter Calloway (HPC Boys)
Holly Paton (Youth)
Jacqueline Crane (Youth)
Melissa DeLuca (Junior-V)
Davis Litzenberger (HPC Boys)
Sarah Dillon (Junior-V)
Lauren Hoyle (Youth)
Emily Zering (Youth)
Jessie Sims (Youth)
Gabrielle McKinley (HPC)
Nicole Scripko (HPC)
Jennifer Crutchfield (Junior)
Christa Fulenwider (Youth)
Ashley Gwaltney (Youth)
Meredith Brantley (Youth)
Jordania Moore (Junior)
Julie Pickard (Youth)
Rachel Rossabi (HPC)
Carolyn Tarpey (HPC)
Michelle Bruin (Junior)
Katharine Mercer (Youth)

April 26, 2003 - Troutman YMCA, Statesville:

Jessica Chason (HPC)
Julianne Goodpaster (HPC)
Katherine Drye (HPC)
Jessica Spaleta (HPC)
Lisa Morales (YOUTH)
Sara McCord (YOUTH)
Charlotte McKenzie (JUNIOR)
Callie Farmer (YOUTH)
Ashley Duke (HPC)
Ashley Redmond (HPC)
Tara Scheidt (YOUTH)
Alex Park (HPC)
Jessie Wright (HPC)
Monica Wright (HPC)
Angelia Wright (COACH)
Alex Marchyshyn (HPC)
Seidah El-Amin (YOUTH)
Carlee Genung (YOUTH)
Caroline Blanton (HPC)
Noelle Dyk (HPC)
Lindsey Chatfield (YOUTH)
Elizabeth Sheets (YOUTH)
Meredith Moorhead (HPC)
Jessica Davis (HPC)
Hannah Tate (HPC)
Ocean Tate (HPC)
Kristina Gallahan (HPC)
Ashely Wrightenberry (YOUTH)
Jessica Smith (YOUTH)
Marshall Ratliff (COACH)
Miranda Williams (HPC)
Kelly Schmidt (YOUTH)
Lauren Johnson (HPC)
Ashely Mehl (HPC)
Kelli Howard (HPC)
Tracy Walker (YOUTH)

April 26, 2003 - J.H. Rose HS, Greenville:

Sarah Cooper (HPC)
Alison Malloy (HPC)
Meredith Thompson (HPC)
Katie Novacek (YOUTH)
Jessica Keiter (HPC)
Michelle Lemmons (HPC)
Stacey Miller (HPC)
Stephanie Miller (HPC)
Emily Koruda (HPC)
Maura Mohler (HPC)
Jessica Sweers (HPC)
Laura Mannie (HPC)
Anita Rivera (JUNIOR)
Kristin Smith (HPC)
Stephanie Lombardo (HPC)
Karen Perkins (HPC)
Cameron Musgrove (HPC)
Natalie Reed (HPC)
Ashtyne Garrigus (YOUTH)
Morgan Womble (HPC)
Kaitlin Mize (HPC)
Cindy Van Dervoort (YOUTH)
Stephanie Smith (HPC)
Kara Hayslip (HPC)
Erin Strong (YOUTH)
Colleen Clack (HPC)
Liz Bruin (HPC)
Michelle Bruin (JUNIOR)
Ruth Levy (YOUTH)
Nikki Webb (YOUTH)
Marlena Murphy (YOUTH)
Meghan McClanahan (HPC)
Brittany Blackman (HPC)
Tami Carter (COACH)
Bill Carter (COACH)
Hannah Jessup (HPC)
Kelly Gould (HPC)
Brooke Handsaker (HPC)
Rebecca Davis (HPC)
Jessica Moore (YOUTH)
Dana Moore (HPC)
ZeAndrea Mangum (HPC)
Brittany Sandy (JUNIOR)
Ashley Board (YOUTH)
Stephanie Sims (YOUTH)

May 17, 2003 - East Chapel Hill HS:

Caroline Hammersley (HPC)
Caroline House (YOUTH)
Mary-Knox Zealy (YOUTH)
Deanna Phelps (YOUTH)
Rosalie Bateson (HPC)
Lindsey Chatfield (YOUTH)
Tamarie Macon (JUNIOR)
Christina Falcone (HPC)
Nicole Scheidt (JUNIOR)
Wendee Saintsing (COACH)
Leslie Faulkner (YOUTH)
Mary Pike (JUNIOR)
Katie Fleming (JUNIOR)

Updated May 29, 2003