HP Travel Teams and All-Region

2005 HP Travel Teams and All Region

The Carolina Region is pleased to announce its 2005 High Performance (HP) Traveling teams (these players are also recognized as All-Region for the 2005 season). The teams participated in a week-long camp from June 9-12 and traveled to Austin, TX July 17-24 for the 2005 High Performance Championships to compete against other High Performance teams from across the country (and 3-4 international teams also!).

HP Blue Team - 10 of 22
HP White Team - 20 of 22
Youth White Team - 19 of 24
Youth Blue Team - 20 of 24

Also, our Head of Delegation, Chuck McCracken, sent back some updates of the teams’ activities. Unfortunately, the hotel’s internet went out during trip so we only have his first three updates.

Day 1

Daily Log 1 - Chuck McCracken, Head of Delegation

We have arrived safely and no worse for the wear. The second flight was delayed for almost two hours in Dallas, but finally got to Austin and the hotel. It was late enough that we had to go to practice before we could go to the grocery store.

We practiced at the Austin Juniors facility. The teams from Canada were practicing when we got there so we got to watch them a bit. All teams had a very good practice (even more impressive since we were at the airport at 4:30 AM and they were running on less sleep than normal. They were focused and worked hard. About the last hour they scrimmaged and there were some very good rallies and close competition. I think they were happy to be off the plane and doing something physical. While we were practicing Katie Camp (from North Carolina and a player on the HP team last year) was there practicing with the USA Volleyball A1 team that is playing in this event. We got to watch them practice a little bit. The USA Volleyball A2 followed us on the court for practice.

We came back to the hotel and since they were starving, we walked a couple of blocks to Threadgills for dinner. It is a home cookin’ kind of restaurant (like eating at Grandma’s house) and everyone enjoyed their food. We are heading out now to the grocery store.

It is raining tonight and we will check the weather in the morning to see if we still want to go to San Antonio tomorrow morning and early afternoon. We had planned to eat lunch on the Riverwalk and see the Alamo. We would get back mid afternoon and have practice from 6-8 PM.

Tuesday the Youth teams practice at 1:30 PM and the HP teams at 3:00 PM. The coaches have a technical meeting that evening.

Here is the playing schedule for Wednesday:
HP Blue - 8 AM vs Northern California and 2 PM vs Lone Star Red.
HP White - 8 AM vs Aloha and Noon vs North Texas Blue.
Youth Blue - 10 AM vs Rocky Mountain and 4 PM vs USA Red.
Youth White - Noon vs Florida and 6 PM vs USA White.

That is it for now. Got to get to the store and then to bed.

Day 2

Daily Log 2 - Chuck McCracken, Head of Delegation

We got up and left the hotel at 9:30 AM for San Antonio. We arrived just before 11:00 AM and went to see The Alamo. We toured the old chapel, the grounds and the museum until 12:30. Blaine (who had stayed behind to pick up Chad and Emily from the airport) arrived about 12:30 and they joined us for lunch on the Riverwalk followed by some looking around and shopping. Everyone seemed to have a good time. We gathered at 2:15 PM and walked back to the vans and headed back to Austin so that they could relax a little and get ready for practice. We practiced at Austin Jrs. facility from 6-8 PM. The practice was good (but not quite as good as yesterday) as I think we are still recovering from the trip. Tomorrow should see them pretty much back to normal.

Tomorrow I get Charlie McAllsiter and Wade Brence (our referees) from the airport at 11 AM. At 1:30 both Youth teams practice for 1.5 hours at the Palmer Events Center (the playing venue) while both HP teams practice from 3-4:30 PM. During the Youth team practice we have to check-in (verify rosters, let them check our uniforms, etc). The referees have a technical meeting around 5 PM and the coaches have theirs at 8 PM.

There have been a couple of corrections to the schedule, but they do not affect us (so far). The schedule and results are supposed to be at www.usavolleyball.org and then click on High Performance, then U.S. High Performance Championships (Editor: direct link is here - http://www.usavolleyball.org/HighPerformance/05championships.asp).

I believe that is it for now.

Day 3

Daily Log 3 - Chuck McCracken, Head of Delegation

Last night (about dusk) a few of us went down to the Congress Street Bridge ( a couple of blocks away) where the world’s largest urban bat colony lives. It was like going to a 4th of July fireworks celebration with a couple of hundred people on the bridge and people sitting on blankets on the grass in the park below. At dusk they began streaming (as compared to swarming) out from under the bridge. For over 30 minutes they streamed out. Someone in the crowd said that there is supposed to be over 1.5 million bats there and that they eat 10,000 - 30,000 pounds of insects a night.

This morning some of the teams went to a pool/water park and some others went to the Mall. The Youth teams practiced from 1:30-3 and the HP teams from 3-4:30 at the Palmer events center. The head coaches and I got each team checked in (verifying roster, showing medical release forms, uniform inspection, etc) so we are almost ready for tomorrow. I picked up our referees (Charlie McAllister and Wade Brence) from the airport a little before noon. They have a technical meeting from 5-7:30 PM and the coaches and I have our technical meeting at 8 PM. We have had a few more parents join us today with more expected over the next few days. The North Carolina contingent (players, coaches, referees, parents, etc) may get to 70 or more. We appreciate all the support (both here in person and in your hearts, thoughts and prayers back home).

Each team plays the following schedule for the next two days and the first match the morning of the 3rd day. The second match on the 3rd day will be determined by how they do in their pool.

HP Blue plays at 8 AM and 2 PM.
HP White plays at 8 AM and Noon.
Youth Blue plays at 10 AM and 4 PM.
Youth White plays at Noon and 6 PM.

The players and coaches are excited and looking forward to starting play tomorrow.

I must get into my suit for the technical meeting.


CR Travel Teams picture


HPC BLUE TEAM (born on or after January 1, 1990):

HPC Blue Team picture


Brittany Blackman Sanford Brick City VBC TBA
Anna Brinkley Asheville Biltmore VBC TBA
Adria Fecteau Fuquay-Varina Cary YMCA Spikeforce TBA
Kathleen Gates Wilmington Cape Fear VBC TBA
Charlotte Harris Chapel Hill Triangle VBC TBA
Maeve McGarry Raleigh Triangle VBC TBA
Liza Price Fort Mill Carolina Juniors VBC TBA
Jordan Reaves Holly Springs Cary YMCA Spikeforce TBA
Amanda Robertson Roxboro Triangle VBC TBA
Kelly Wood Yadkinville Club Wake VBC TBA


HPC WHITE TEAM (born on or after January 1, 1990):

HPC White Team picture


Megan Dillinger Raleigh Triangle VBC TBA
Morgan Fox Chapel Hill Capital City VBC TBA
Erin Holcomb Yadkinville Yadkin Valley VBC TBA
Brittany Lysik Cary Cary YMCA Spikeforce TBA
Maggie Seeds Clemmons Club Wake VBC TBA
Jamie Stancliff Advance Mountain View VBC TBA
Meagan Tatum Roxboro Triangle VBC TBA
Lauren Tarpey Greensboro Piedmont VBC TBA
Sarah Velten Winston-Salem Club Wake VBC OH
Colleen Wands Apex Brick City VBC TBA
Melissa Zidar Cary Triangle VBC TBA


YOUTH BLUE TEAM (born on or after January 1, 1988):

Sorry, picture not available.

Erica Banning Greenville East Carolina VBC TBA
Nicole Boyle Chapel Hill Triangle VBC TBA
Christina Falcone Durham Triangle VBC TBA
Lauren Ficker Hendersonville Biltmore VBC TBA
Kaylie Gibson Apex NC Challengers TBA
Bailey Hunter Hendersonville Biltmore VBC TBA
Andrea Laza Cary Triangle VBC TBA
Nicki Scripko Fayetteville Fayetteville Area VBC TBA
Nikki Sweet Apex NC Challengers TBA
Elizabeth West Apex Triangle VBC TBA
Jennifer Zering Cary Triangle VBC TBA

YOUTH WHITE TEAM (born on or after January 1, 1988):

Youth White Team picture

Jordan Barlow Fairview Biltmore VBC TBA
Jessica Chason Harrisburg Carolina Juniors VBC TBA
Michelle Lemmons Apex Brick City VBC TBA
Abby Miller Lexington Piedmont VBC TBA
Ariel Newman Greensboro Piedmont VBC TBA
Dana Senko Cary NC Challengers TBA
Hart Wagner Winston-Salem Piedmont VBC TBA
Elizabeth Williams Charlotte Carolina Juniors VBC TBA
Brittany Wilson Concord Carolina Juniors VBC TBA
Mandy Wilson Raleigh Pulse VBC TBA


The following players attended the HP Summer Camp, June 9-12 at Greensboro College. Although not selected to one of the above travel teams, we would like to publicly recognize these players as 2005 Honorable Mention All-Region Players. Congratulations, ladies!

Hannah Barefoot
Andrea Beck
Kelsey Bendig
Lauren Bramble
Rachel Devon
Sara Gantt
Christina House
Katie Tatum
Hannah Varnell
Emily Welker
Lauren Brown
Katherine Buehler
Vanessa Dorismond
Abigail Drost
Heather Kale
Melanie Weaver
Christina Dorismond
Samantha Gates
Amanda Kramer
Emily Mannie
Kristi Marks
Gilliam McBrayer
Jenna Mckinley
Hailey Mize
Maria Perry
Mollie Schrull
Alexandria Stewart
Rebekah Sturgess
Elisa Sullivan