USA Volleyball is pleased to announce the switch to SportsEngine as its new member management system. The system went live on Sept. 1.

The new platform will provide significantly improved functionality for you, whether you are an athlete, coach, parent, official, or club administrator. As with all new systems, there will certainly be bumps and bruises at the beginning, but we have focused on extensive testing and training to minimize these issues.

Below you will find some tips on the new system and how it will affect you, no matter what your role with USA Volleyball.

What You Should Expect With the Transition to SportsEngine

Parents and Athletes

Parents and athletes now have the ability to access memberships and their personal membership cards for their entire family directly within their SportsEngine account. This gives them ultimate access to everything they need to get game-ready for their return to the court. Parents purchasing memberships for their players will appreciate the step-by-step inline guide that helps ensure they are choosing the correct membership for participation.


Similar to parents and athletes, coaches have expanded access to their memberships and membership cards within their SportsEngine account. Coaches will enjoy the integrated tool that puts all their membership and eligibility requirements for the upcoming season in one place. The software will provide coaches with a single point of reference when it comes to coaching requirements and their eligibility status.

Club Admins

Club admins will start using the new membership management system to build their team rosters, manage club assignments, view member eligibility status, send rosters to AES, and utilize in-system messaging capabilities for the upcoming season and beyond. Giving admins a fully integrated and enhanced system was at the forefront of this project and we’re excited for our clubs to begin using the new system. 

SportsEngine Benefits

SportsEngine provides a central, convenient location where members from all levels of USA Volleyball can go to manage their data and responsibilities.

SportsEngine is with USA Volleyball for the long run and invested in success. The membership platform will be continually enhanced as SportsEngine listens to clubs and regions to identify areas of improvement and to enhance current workflows.

Club management tools are directly integrated into the membership management system, meaning every task can be done right in SportsEngine—whether it’s a player registering for tryouts, an admin rostering teams, or a coach messaging their parents and athletes. That means there’s no need to duplicate your work when submitting data to USAV.

For more information on registering with the Carolina Region on the new MMS, visit our Registration page.