Adult Regionals Results

2008 Adult Regional Championship Results

 March 29, 2008

For pictures of the teams and MVP’s, go to our 2008 Adult Season honoree’s page.

Women’s GOLD:

  • Champion: Vroom
  • Finalist: Green Card
  • MVP: Stacy Kosciak - Vroom

Women’s SILVER:

  • A Regional Championships tournament was not held due to lack of entries. Rowan recognized as Season Region Champion based on Points Standings.

Women’s BRONZE:

  • Champion: Las Damas Fuertes Blanca
  • Finalist: Viva la Bam
  • MVP: Ashelie Griffin - Las Damas Fuertes Blanca


  • Champion: Ditch Witch
  • Finalist: 6pkanyone?
  • MVP: Dominick Porter - Ditch Witch


  • Champion: FCB Shankers
  • Finalist: Average Joes
  • MVP: Vance Curtis- FCB Shankers

Congratulations to our winners! Thank you for an Outstanding Season!