HP Clinic Attendees

2005 HP Clinic Attendees

Open to Boys and Girls. Age Definitions for the various High Performance Teams being selected:

  1. 2005 High Performance Regional Camp (HPC): Girls born on or after January 1, 1990; Boys born on or after January 1, 1989
  2. 2005 Youth Regional Team (YOUTH/YR): Girls born on or after January 1, 1988 (born in 1988 or 1989); Boys born on or after January 1, 1987
  3. 2005 Junior Regional Team (JR): Girls born on or after January 1, 1986 (born in 1986 or 1987); Boys born on or after January 1, 1985

All clinics will begin at 9:00 am (check-in starts at 8:30 am). Clinic will last until 4:00 pm. Participants should bring a bag lunch (lunch break 12 noon - 1:00 pm). Come dressed to play!


November 20, 2004 - CANCELLED: The player pre-registered before may request a full refund or use the $50 credit for a future clinic.

Pre-Registered: Kelsey Hargrove (HPC)

December 4, 2004 - Central Carolina Community College, 1105 Kelly Drive, Sanford, NC:

ATTENDEES: Laurel Pate (YOUTH) Lindsay Lang (HPC) Madeleine Smith (HPC) Nikki Sweet (YOUTH) Mary Wands (COACH) Morgan Fox (HPC)

December 11, 2004 - Level I; Sports Warehouse (Charlotte):

ATTENDEES: Brittney Poole (JUNIOR) Elizabeth Flattery (JUNIOR) Kelsey Hargrove (HPC) Danielle Randolph

December 11, 2004 - Level II; Sports Warehouse (Charlotte):

ATTENDEES: Brittany Wilson (Youth) Heather Wilson (HPC) Madeleine Smith (HPC) Laurel Pate (YOUTH) Christine Perzinski

December 18, 2004 - Greensboro SportsPlex:

ATTENDEES: Rachel Devon (HPC - Level III) Jennifer Hindman (HPC - Level I) Hannah Barefoot (HPC - Level III) Erin Holcomb (HPC - Level III) Ashley Caudle (HPC - Level I) Melissa Phelps (Junior - Level I) Eva Lanier (HPC - Level I) Janet Cartwright (COACH) Beth Cooper (Youth-Level I) Sarah Cooper (HPC-Level I) Kelly Wood (HPC-Level III) Kathleen Gates (HPC-Level III) Jessica Chason (Youth-Level III) Kaylie Gibson (Youth - Level III) Shantel Coakley (Youth - Level I) Nikki Sweet (YOUTH-Level III*) Kate Tobalski (YOUTH - Level III) Jessica Miller (YOUTH - Level III) Adria Fecteau (HPC - Level III) Brandi Kearns (HPC - Level I) Jordan Reaves (HPC - Level III) Colleen Wands (HPC-Level III) Mary Hannah Ross (HPC - Level III) Sarah Hecht (HPC-Level I) Sarah Cooper (Level III) Heather Kale (YOUTH - Level III) Charlotte Harris (Level III) Joy Cooper (COACH) Brittney Flood (HPC - Level I) Brittany Lysik (HPC - Level III) Jaime Cox (HPC - Level I) Laura Ann Huskey (HPC) Haley Ross (Level I) Morgan Fox (HPC- Level I) Eleni Bates (Level I) Jennifer Turner (HPC - Level I) Ashley Jacobs (HPC-Level I) Maria Muna (Level I) Dana Senko (Youth - Level I) Leah Chandler (Youth - Level I) Morgan Ridge (HPC - Level I) Mary Moody (HPC - Level I) Erin Heffelfinger (HPC - Level I) Bridgette Allen (HPC - Level I) Tiffany Allen (Youth - Level I) Tania Stafford (COACH) Megan Loy (Youth- Level I) Melanie Weaver (Youth - Level I) Kaylie Gibson (Youth - Level III) Hailey Mize (HPC - Level III) Kaitlin Mize (Youth - Level I) Kyiesha Daniels (HPC - Level I) Emily Zering (Level III) Lauren Tarpey (Level I) Devon Applegate (Level I) Claire Walker (Level I)

January 22, 2005 - Level II & III; CANCELLED:

Due to inclement weather in the Charlotte area, UNCC and HP staff have decided to cancel this clinic. Those pre-registered will be allowed to transfer their registrations to another clinic.

Pre-Registered: Elizabeth Flattery (Level III-Junior) Brittney Poole (Level III-Junior) Elizabeth West (Level III-Youth) Christina House (Level III) Rachel Devon (Level III) Andrea Laza (Level III-Youth) Kathryn McGarry (Level III-HPC) Haley Saunders (Level III) Kessica Keiter (Level III) Lisa Morales (Level III)

January 29, 2005 - CANCELLED:

Unfortunately, we were not able to find a site for this clinic. Those pre-registered were transferred to another clinic.

February 13, 2005 - Greensboro SportsPlex:

ATTENDEES: Katie Tatum (Level II - HPC) Meagan Tatum (Level III-HPC) Brittany Lysik (Level III-HPC) Eva Lanier (Level II) Morgan Fox (Level III-HPC) Janet Pressler (Level II) Kaylie Gibson (Level III - Youth) Colleen Wands (Level III-HPC) Laurel Pate (Level II-Youth) Kelsey Hargrove (Level II-HPC) Kathleen Gates (Level III-HPC) Samantha Gates (HPC-Level III) Christine Perzinski (Level III-HPC) Adria Fecteau (Level III-HPC) Katie Bok (Level II-HPC) Melissa Zidar (Level III) Kristina Hilgenhurst (Level II) Kelsey Bendig (Level III) Jessica Chason (Level III-Youth) Jennifer Zering (Level III-Youth) Lauren Bramble (Level II*-HPC) Hart Wagner Lauren Swecker Katie Dennehy Harriet Barnhardt (Level III-Youth)

February 26, 2005 - CANCELLED:

Unfortunately, we were not able to find a site for this clinic. Those pre-registered will be allowed to transfer their registrations to another clinic.

March 5, 2005 - CANCELLED:

Unfortunately, we were not able to find a site for this clinic. Those pre-registered will be allowed to transfer their registrations to another clinic.

Pre-Registered: Nicki Scripko Erica Banning

March 6, 2005 - Greensboro SportsPlex:

Pre-Registered: Brittany Lysik (Level III-HPC) Melissa Phelps (Level III) Morgan Fox (Level III-HPC) Kaylie Gibson (Level III-Youth) Colleen Wands (Level III-HPC) Adria Fecteau (Level III-HPC) Lindsay Lang (Level II-HPC) Jordan Reaves (HPC - Level III) Madeleine Smith (Level II) Liza Price (Level II-HPC) Meredith Thompson (Level III-HPC) Laura Ann Huskey (Level II-HPC) Michelle Lemmons (Level II - Youth) Stephanie Lombardo (Level III) Maizoua Lo (Level III-Youth) Anna Brinkley (Level III) Nikki Sweet (Level III-YOUTH) Leah Chandler (Level II) Laurel Pate (Level II-YOUTH) Jordan Barlow (Level II-YOUTH) Brittany Blackman (Level III) Jessica Volk (Level II) Laura Mannie (Level III-YOUTH) Jessica Keiter (Level III-HPC) Caroline Hammersley (Level III) Kelly Wood (Level III-HPC) Karen Perkins (Level III-HPC)

April 17, 2005 - HP Coaches Clinic - Greensboro SportsPlex:

ATTENDEES: Michael Marks Melanie Miller

April 23, 2005 - Level I/II; UNC-Asheville:

ATTENDEES: Sarah Velten (HPC) Lauren Schulz (HPC) Jessica Kluge (YOUTH) Jenna McKinley (HPC) Andrea Beck (HPC) Jordan Barlow (YOUTH) Ashley Welch (YOUTH) Jacalyn Bledsoe (HPC) Anna Logan (HPC) Rebekah Stinehour (HPC) Alexandria Stewart (HPC) Bailey Hunter (Youth) Morgan Lancaster (HPC) Hannah Varnell (HPC) Tricia Combs (YOUTH) Emily Welker (HPC) Karissa Martindale (HPC) Katherine Levi (HPC) Jaclyn Smith (HPC) Meredith Foster (HPC) Amy Rowland Taylor Pierce (HPC) Laurel Pate (YOUTH) Maggie Seeds (HPC) Amy Quinn (HPC) Elizabeth Williams (YOUTH) Kara Cosgrove Candice Kasischke (YOUTH) Lauren Ficker (YOUTH) Brittany Dippel Julie Lee Gabrielle McKinley

April 23, 2005 - Level I/II; J.H. Rose HS, Greenville:

ATTENDEES: Cori Spade (HPC) Shannon Cobb (HPC) Rebecca Fleming (YOUTH) Hollie Brady (HPC) Melissa Kent (HPC) Melissa Mott (HPC) Deanna Bost (HPC) Kara Hayslip (YOUTH) Natalie Reed (HPC) Kristin Smith (YOUTH) Mollie Schrull (HPC) Hailey Phillips (HPC) Sarah Vann (HPC) Samantha Meyers (YOUTH) Lauren Williams (HPC) Jessica Volk (YOUTH) Katie Houmard (YOUTH) JaNell Brockett (HPC) Kelly Gould (YOUTH) Alexis Lee (HPC) Beth Jones (HPC) Brittany Adams (HPC) Danielle Vinson (HPC) Jessica Sweers Tory Bowen Kenly Simmons Emily Mannie (HPC) Jackie Riddle (HPC) Lea Finestone (HPC) Kaitlyn Parker (HPC) Karen Perkins (HPC) Kelsey Brown (HPC) Tollie Spain (HPC) Elyse Bullock Kristan Fields (JUNIOR) Owen Ross (HPC) Kate Collins (HPC) Catherine Kobe (YOUTH) Kaitlin Frey (HPC) Sarah Ashley Rouse (HPC) Samantha Rouse (HPC) Molly Crenshaw Lindsey Strucko (YOUTH) Jennifer Joyner (JUNIOR)

April 30, 2005 - Level I/II; BARBER PARK, Greensboro:


Pre-Registered: Hannah Thompson (HPC) Kelsey Canady (HPC) Christina Dorismond (HPC) Vanessa Dorismond (YOUTH) Michelle Nemesi (HPC) Hillary Modlin (HPC) Kirsten Ziegler (HPC) Paul Zieglar (COACH) Whitney Geerdes (HPC) Katie Jackson (HPC) Eva Lanier (HPC) Olivia Cerrillos (YOUTH) Shaday King (HPC) Chelsea Zurl (HPC) Katie Johnston (HPC) Amanda Kramer (HPC) Hollie Brady (HPC) Anna Bullock (HPC) Melissa Kent (HPC) Jacalyn Bledsoe (HPC) Lindsey Slaughter (HPC) Lindsey Bradshaw (HPC) Jordan Rhew (HPC) Lindsey Rogers (HPC) Jill Zartman (YOUTH) Erin Sturgess (HPC) Rebekah Sturgess (HPC) Brooke Bernard Hailey Phillips Savanah Banta (YOUTH) Bailey Rider (HPC) Kathy Miller Hailey Cannon (HPC) Chandler Womble (HPC) Tiffany Mellette Kayla Austin (HPC) Jaime Cox (HPC) Kristi Marks (HPC) Hannah Tedder (HPC) Anna Hayes (HPC) Alana Carico (HPC) Sheena Mashore (JUNIOR) Gillian McBrayer (HPC) Maria Vera Denise Grissom (HPC) Amanda Lehman (HPC) Terri Lehman (COACH) Rachel Bilskie (YOUTH) Jessica Kluge (YOUTH) Andrea Stupke Brigitte Richardson Mandy Wilson (YOUTH) Kathryn Hobson (HPC) Moriah Bellissimo Elisa Sullivan

April 30 - May 1, 2005 - Level III Training Weekend; Greensboro SportsPlex:

ATTENDEES: Kathleen Gates (HPC) Samantha Gates (HPC) Kaylie Gibson (YOUTH) Brittany Lysik (HPC) Melissa Zidar Melanie Weaver (YOUTH) Kristina Hilgenhurst Adria Fecteau Laurel Pate (YOUTH) Elizabeth West Morgan Fox Nikki Sweet (YOUTH) Charlotte Harris Meagan Tatum Sarah Cooper Michelle Lemmons (YOUTH) Erin Holcomb Jennifer Hindman (HPC) Kelsey Hargrove (HPC) Jordan Barlow Hannah Barefoot (HPC) Katie Tatum Jessica Keiter Kelly Wood Katie Bok Morgan Womble (YOUTH) Jessica Chason Laura Mannie (YOUTH) Rachel Devon (HPC) Beth Cooper (YOUTH) Eva Lanier (HPC) Karen Perkins (HPC) Christina House (HPC) Morgan Ridge (HPC) Brittany Wilson (YOUTH) Megan Loy (YOUTH) Leah Chandler (YOUTH) Ashley Caudle (HPC) Maizoua Lo (YOUTH) Nkaujshua Lo (HPC) Jessica Volk (YOUTH) Mary Hannah Ross Lindsay Lang (HPC) Harriet Barnhardt (YOUTH) Jamie Stancliff Liza Price (HPC) Heather Kale (YOUTH) Laura Ann Huskey (HPC) Cassie Blackmon Sara Gantt Colleen Wands Brittney Flood (HPC) Nicki Scripko (YOUTH) Andrea Laza Anna Brinkley (HPC) Ariel Newman (YOUTH) Melissa Phelps Abigail Drost * owes $35 Meagan Metkowski Jennifer Zering Jordan Reaves (HPC) Amanda Robertson Katie Dennehy (YOUTH) Holly Paton (JUNIOR) Christie Staton (JUNIOR) Madeleine Smith (HPC) Lauren Tarpey (HPC) Jessica Sweers (HPC) Hart Wagner (YOUTH) * owes $35 Kelsey Bendig (HPC) Hailey Mize (HPC) Kaitlin Mize (YOUTH) Christine Perzinski (HPC) Steven Buning Megan Dillinger (HPC) Brittany Blackman (HPC) Jenna McKinley Bailey Hunter (Youth) Kelly Gould Katherine Buehler Kenly Simmons Haley Cannon Maggie Seeds Sarah Vann Kaitlin Frey (HPC)

Updated May 2, 2005