2020 National Bid Information (12-17’s age groups)

TO: Junior Team Reps in the 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, & 12 Divisions

FROM: Carolina Region/USAV

RE: 2020 USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships

The 2020 USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships will be at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX from June 25-July 4, 2020 (different age groups and divisions will begin and end play at different times during this period. Check the GJNC Schedule Page at USA Volleyball’s web site for specific dates for your Age division).

The Carolina Region will hold its competition for our National Bids for the Junior National Championships at our National Bid Tournaments.  The 12’s, 13’s, 16's & 18’s Age Group National Bid tournaments will be on Sunday, February 23, 2020.  The 14’s, 15’s, & 17’s  Age Group National Bid tournaments will be on Sunday, March 15, 2020.  See the 18’s National Bid memo for more info specific to 18’s.  Specific site assignments for the age groups will be posted after the tournament entry deadline passes on the Carolina Region Tournament System and will be in the central part of the state - we generally shoot for Greensboro area sites since teams are potentially coming from all over the state.  We hope the information below will answer some of your questions on the process.

BIDS: USA Volleyball will have a National and American Division in the CLUB Championships again this season in ages 12-18 (which is where Region bids are). The bids for OPEN and USA divisions are earned at National Qualifiers.  There is also a PATRIOT Division that does not require bids (see the Entry information at USAV website for more information on that division).  The Bids for the CLUB division (National & American) are earned in the Regions and Qualifiers. So, our bids are in the National and American divisions of the CLUB Championships. The following is a breakdown of how many bids we have in each age group (NOTE: 2020 Bid Allocations for Regions are CONFIRMED below):

  • 12 Club - 18 Club: We have ONE bid available in the National Division AND ONE bid available in the American Division (TWO teams total from Carolina Region)

The Following must be met in order to compete for the Carolina Region National Bids for the Junior National Championships:

  • To be eligible to compete in their age division’s National Bid tournament, a junior team must meet the following: (a) Participating teams must be a registered Carolina Region team; and (b) teams must have played in ONE (1) Carolina Region sanctioned event
  • The Tournament Entry Deadline for the February 23 National Bid tournaments is Saturday, February 8, 2020.  The Tournament Entry Deadline for the March 15 National Bid tournaments is Saturday, March 1, 2020.  Entry fee is $175.  All teams that want to compete for the National Bid must enter the bid tournament by the Tournament Entry deadline!  LATE entries will only be accepted if we do not have at least TWO teams entered (and thus all our bids would not be claimed).
  • AGAIN THIS SEASON - National entry forms will go directly to USA Volleyball (they will not be sent to the Region). Please read through the Pre-Tournament Manual thoroughly for all National entry procedures. OPEN teams that are interested in an At-Large must be entered in AES by April 22. Club teams interested in a Re-allocation bid must be entered in AES by May 11.
    1. FIRST  STEP IN 2020 PROCESS - ALL teams interested in competing for one of our BIDS to the 2020 JNC MUST enter their team in the applicable National Bid tournament by their applicable entry deadline: Feb 8 (12's, 13's, 16's, & 18's) or March 1 (14's, 15's, & 17's).
    2. REMINDER - only ENTER if you WILL ACCEPT the bid if you earn one. Should a team/club not accept a bid that they earn at the National Bid tournament, the Region will place future sanctions on the club when entering future National events.  USAV will also impose a sanction against future Qualifier participation!
    3. Again for 2020 - teams will not be required to have a Chaperone on the roster at JNC.  The club will need to affirm that they have a Club Travel Policy at check-in.
    4. ALL coaches on the roster must be IMPACT and SafeSport certified. USA Volleyball WILL NOT offer IMPACT clinics on site this year. If you have a coach that needs to be IMPACT certified, then see our Coaching Clinic page for instructions on registering for the On-Demand IMPACT Course.  Information on taking the SafeSport course online is here.


Since we have two bids in each age group available, the Champion team in each National Bid tournament will be awarded the NATIONAL bid in that age group.  The Runner-up finisher will earn the AMERICAN bid for that age group.  Each tournament will play a normal round-robin pool play with playoffs (no change in formats from regular season events).  In the event, we have less than three (3) teams competing for a bid, teams will be contacted about alternate ways to determine the bids.


Please discuss this opportunity with your team and parents NOW. If you would like to compete for our bid to the 2020 USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships, please ENTER the National Bid tournament for your age group before the tournament deadlines above.   LATE ENTRIES WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED AT THE DISCRETION OF THE CR JUNIOR DIVISION (and usually only if we don’t have any other entries in that division)! Please get all entries in by the deadline!

For additional information on the Junior National Championships, go to USA Volleyball’s GJNC Page - The Pre-Tournament Entry Books for the Championships are now posted on the USA Volleyball web site. Teams may get a head start now filling out the paperwork and submitting their rosters online.  Once we determine our bid winners, we will notify USAV of our bid winners. NOTE: Teams that do not earn a bid at our National Bid tournaments MAY still earn a re-allocated bid from USAV once all the Regions report their bid winners (some Regions don’t use all their bids). So, if interested in a re-allocated bid, please check that on the entry forms, notify the Region Office of your interest, and keep your fingers crossed! Re-allocated bids would come from USAV and not the Carolina Region.  We will award any re-allocated bids we receive based on the tournament finish at the Bid tournament.

All teams should note that the Region has NOT set aside any money to help pay for national entry fees, and all teams should plan on raising the full costs needed to participate in the Championships. Good luck with the rest of your season, and please email if you have any questions!

If your team wants to compete for a National Bid, submit tournament entry by February 8, 2020 (12's, 13's, 16’s, & 18's) or March 1, 2020 (14's, 15's, & 17’s).

Reminder - You may confirm your tournament entries and all CR National Bid tournament information on our Tournament System, same as other CR tournaments.