Online Officials Clinic Information

PLEASE read all instructions below BEFORE taking the clinics so you are sure to take the correct one!

2020/2021 Clinics are still under construction by USA Volleyball!  January 12 update – USAV is still rolling out modules that we will use for our official Junior Clinics this season.  The following modules are in the USAV Academy now (The Whole Shebang-Part 1):  (a) 012_USAV Jr. Scorer; (b) 013_USAV Jr. Line Judge; (c) 015_USAV Jr Assist. Scorer/Libero Tracker.  All of those modules will be in our curriculum.  So, players/coaches can start taking those modules (ONLY) if they want to get a head start.  USAV is working on the R1 and R2 modules now.  We will continue to post updates as they are added.  NOTE: The Whole Shebang folders just list ALL the modules in the system.  They are NOT the clinics.  Most of those are relevant to professional officials only.  You should only go through the other modules that interest you if you want to learn more on those topics.  We will create the actual Junior Clinic curriculum and enroll junior members automatically when all the modules are complete from USAV.

Due to the delay in the release of the clinic and COVID cancellations in the region, the Carolina Region has decided to waive the minimum team officiating requirement for Junior teams for the 2021 season.  There will be no requirement for players or coaches to take the Officiating clinic this season, but note this is applicable for our one-day events only.  The Region has also decided there will be no work teams needed for the one-day tournaments in all our approved formats.  If your team is playing out-of-region or in another multi-day tournament in the Carolina Region that will require a work-team, then your team may need to have players/coaches take the clinic when it is posted.  This should be discussed at the club/team level to determine if some team members need to take the clinic.  We will still load the course in all junior accounts when it is ready so our members will have easy access to it.  But again, there will be no requirement to complete the Junior clinics for most CR teams this season.

 The online clinic experience has improved drastically over the last six seasons.  We encourage you to check them out again to get your Referee or Scorer Certification this season!  Read below for instructions!

General Officials Clinic Information (everyone follows these steps to begin):

  • EVERYONE can take the clinics online this year.
  • Experienced Officials will have ability to take pre-quizzes to shorten some of the modules they will view online.
  • All Clinics are accessed from within your Carolina Region/USA Volleyball Sports Engine Member account!  When you complete your curriculum, your officials certification (under Credentials tab) will be updated AUTOMATICALLY!
  • If you have not applied for your 2021 membership yet, you will need to do that first.  Go to our Online Registration Information page for instructions on registering for membership.
  • Additional instructions will be added here once the clinics are live…