How many tournaments do teams have to play to be eligible for a Regional Championship Event?

ADULTS - All teams must play in ONE Carolina Region sanctioned event to be eligible for the Regional Championship tournaments (if it is on our official schedule then it is sanctioned and counts). JUNIORS - We have two types of Regional Championship Events for Juniors - (a) East-West Championships, and (b) Regional Championships.  All teams must play in THREE Carolina Region Regular season sanctioned events to be eligible for a Regional Championship Event.  At least one of those events must have been a Carolina Region one-day tournament. The other two events may consist of any two of the following if held BEFORE the Regional Championship Event:
  • One or Two Carolina Region one-day tournaments
  • Any two-day Carolina Region sanctioned event whose only criteria is date of entry (examples: Quest tournament, Carolina Kickoff, City of Oaks, Carolina Volleyball Classic)
  • Only ONE of the following tournaments: a National Qualifier or any other Carolina Region sanctioned event with a restricted access entry criteria (example: MAPL Raleigh).