I’m required to get a Background Screen through my employer. Can I use those results instead of submitting the USAV Background Screen?

USA Volleyball has issued the following statement in answer to similar questions such as this:

"This is to confirm that only USA Volleyball background screenings are accepted for USAV and/or Region sanctioned events. Other organizations may choose to accept the USA Volleyball background screening as valid because they know that we hold to a high standard of safety. However, USA Volleyball and the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) have a unique set of flags and disqualifiers that are monitored, and the USAV strategic priority of “Safety First” leads us to the conclusion that we need direct access to screening information in order to make the best decisions about the safety of our participants.”

For this reason, all applicants that are required to submit a background screen as a condition of their membership will need to go through the USA Volleyball Background Screen application portal.