Are facilities allowed to charge an admission at Carolina Region one-day tournaments? We’ve been involved for many seasons and have never been charged an admission before.

Yes, CR Tournament hosts are allowed to charge an admission for our sanctioned one-day tournaments beginning with the 2020 Season (multi-day tournaments have always been allowed to have an admission).  The Board approved it at their 2019 summer retreat as an alternative to raising tournament entry fees for teams.  The costs to rent facilities and host tournaments is rising annually and we do our best to keep the costs for teams affordable.  This was one way hosts can recoup some of their costs without raising tournament entry fees on the teams. 

The admission charge is optional and is limited to $5 max for all spectators 11 and older (updated for the 2023 season).  All participants on a roster, our officials, and kids 10 and under accompanying their families to watch are exempt from the admission fee.

We will update a facility's info on our tournament system as they notify us if there will be an admission.  But everyone should be prepared to pay an admission when they arrive.

NOTE - 100% of any admission charged is retained by the Tournament hosts to offset their expenses for hosting.  The Carolina Region does not receive any portion of admission fees.