Will there be a Seeding Tournament (Juniors)?

Club Divisions will not have a Seeding tournament.  When registering their teams with the Region, Club teams will indicate where they think their team fits under the following groups:  Top 20% (among all teams in their age group); top 40%; top 60%; top 80%; or bottom 20%.  These designations will be used to set the starting points value for the teams in the Region's Tournament System.  Teams will not be shown in ANY divisions this year!  Assignments to tournament sites will be handled by using the Standings in the Tournament System and sending teams to sites in groups of 4-team pools.  Teams will need to enter a tournament by the Two-week entry deadline and then we will assign the teams to sites in the system based on the Standings.  Teams will move up and down the rankings strictly by the results of the matches they play.  The initial starting points value will not be adjusted as in seasons past (However, a club director can request a change in the initial points value after the second scheduled tournament for their age group.  Requests must be received by noon on the Monday following that tournament).