Who has to complete a SafeSport course?

  • All adults that are affiliating with a Junior Club
  • All Professional officials that will work a Junior tournament
  • Members of the Carolina Region Board of Directors
  • Any Junior member that is turning 18 during the season.  Parents can fill out the consent for their 17 year old to take the Core training prior to the athlete turning 18 if they choose by following this link Parental Consent.  If the parent chooses to have their child take the training when they turn 18, the athlete will need to register themselves and complete the training as soon as possible to avoid any disruption in play. 
  • Any 16, 17, or 18 year old that will be serving as an Assistant Coach on a junior team.  The team will have additional requirements in order to have a junior Assistant Coach.  These Junior Assistant Coaches will select a specific membership in order to participate in that role, and the SafeSport requirement will automatically attach to their SE account to complete before they will be eligible to be added to a roster as an Assistant Coach.


See this Quick Reference Document for more information about the SafeSport courses and policies.