What is our USAV Number?

Your Carolina Region/USA Volleyball membership number will look something like this - CR 0001111 MR 18 (spaces inserted for clarification). The "CR" stands for Carolina Region. Each Region of USA Volleyball has their own unique 2 character identifier. The "0001111" is each member's unique identifier number. The system assigns this unique number to a member when they register. This number will stay the same for the member from season to season. No two members will have the same individual number. The next two characters are the individual's gender and membership type. FR is Female Regular, MJ would be Male Junior, FEA would be a female one-event member, etc. The last two numbers are the membership year.  All members can find their USAV Number in their online Member Record.  Once you have a current membership, you can print your USAV Member Card anytime using the menu.