We have more than one individual in our family that will participate in Carolina Region sanctioned events. Can we have a “family” account so all our information will show under one log-in?

The USA Volleyball Registration is an individual-based system.  Every member will have their own member record in the system and a unique log-in, so the system will pull up the correct member record.  Most members will need to be assigned to a club and team, so the system needs to be able to identify unique members to associate with clubs and teams.  

Keep in mind that more than one member can have the same email in their email contact field.  The system may use the initial email as USERNAME when a new member record is created.  If more than one member uses the same email, then the system will alter that address slightly so each USERNAME is unique (so note, that Username field and email field are two different things).  A member can change their USERNAME after they log-in by going to Account Settings in the menu (do not change Username to another email address in that case.  Use an alphanumeric phrase).

To  summarize, all members of a household will need their own member record in the USAV registration system.