We have more than one individual in our family that will participate in Carolina Region sanctioned events. Can we have a “family” account so all our information will show under one log-in?

YES!  With the move to a new Member Management System, hosted by SportsEngine, families will have the ability to have one account (one login) for one adult and all minor individuals of their Household.  The Master account MUST be held by an adult/parent/guardian 18 or over.  Once that account is created, when a membership link is selected from the Region's Registration page, it will ask who the membership is for.  At that point, the master account can choose either for the master account or someone else.  If the Household account had not been created yet, you'll be able to create a new person in the Household at that point.  NOTE - the Master Account does not have to purchase a membership in order for other members of the household to have memberships.  For more information on the Family Accounts, go here.  If two or more adults 18 or older are needing to purchase a membership, then each adult will need their own separate SE account.