We entered a tournament and our team is listed in RED on the tournament page in the Tournament System. What does that mean?

We have added additional information in the Tournament System to help teams understand their eligibility requirements as well as their spot in the entry process.  For regular season tournaments, teams listed in RED may be in danger of not getting into the tournament. The system looks at the total number of entries, total courts available in each region (East or West), and the minimum number of teams needed for a pool (3). Using these criteria, the system will list teams in RED that we cannot currently accommodate (based on date of entry).  There is also a brief description next to the team about their status.  Keep in mind that we will still move teams into other realms (East or West) or age groups where feasible to accommodate as many teams as possible, so all teams in red will not necessarily be eliminated from the tournament.   Any moves will not happen until after the entry deadline passes and we begin to assign sites.  However, if you see that we do not have enough courts (see table at top of page) and your team is in RED, it may help your team and the region if you can find additional courts to host that weekend! Any teams which cannot be accommodated will be put on the waiting list when sites are assigned. For National Bid and Regional Championship Tournaments, a team listed in RED (which will also include a descriptive text) will indicate whether the team meets the minimum required number of tournaments to be eligible for that tournament.  A team can go to their individual team page in the Tournament Season to see how many qualifying tournaments they are credited with.  Once they meet the minimum requirement, their status on the tournament entry page for National Bid or Regional Championship tournaments will then be updated.