What are the Officiating requirements for the 2023-2024 season?

All Junior teams must have TWO certified REFEREES and ONE certified SCORER on their roster. To get certified, officials must (a)complete an online officiating clinic curriculum applicable to their membership status ; (b) take the appropriate test as required for their membership (scorers take the scorer clinic and tests and referees must take BOTH the scorer and referee clinics and tests); (c) correct their test(s) to 100 with rule references if applicable; and (d) professional referees must have a practical rating to complete their certification (and to receive a Provisional or Regional rating - see Officiating section of website for more on requirements for these ratings). Only those individuals that are certified and listed on the roster as a SCORER or REFEREE (which implies certification as a scorer) may perform those duties during a tournament. For Junior teams, one adult per team must complete the junior clinic and be on the roster as certified so they know the materials the officials are taught and can help their junior officials during the tournaments. The certified adult must physically supervise their team while in the vicinity of the score table at all times during the team’s officiating assignment (supervising includes, but is not limited to, insuring food is not at the table and work team is not distracted by cell phones and electronic devices). Incomplete work teams (including the certified adult that is not supervising their team in the vicinity of the score table) may be penalized one point per-minute that they are incomplete to a maximum of 25 points off their next match. Junior teams will not be allowed to participate in a Carolina Region tournament until they meet the minimum team requirements. It is recommended that all Adult teams have 2 certified Referees and 1 certified Scorer on their roster for all tournaments. Individuals must take the Referee and Scorer clinic online.  Visit this page for information about the Online clinics.  Clubs can go here for information on Hosting a supplemental in-person clinic (not for certifications).