Why does our division always have to travel so far to play (to mountains, coast, etc)?

See our other questions in this section for more about the assigning process.  But, the basic answer is that we always need a lot of courts every weekend to provide enough opportunities for every team to play.  We rarely turn down a request for a site to host a tournament, especially if they are flexible as to which division they can host.  Last year we needed 45+ courts to host the older age group tournaments on any weekend and 56+ courts for the younger age groups! If your age group is traveling a lot then we basically did not receive any requests from tournament hosts in your area to host your division.  We try to spread the division assignments around so divisions do not travel to outlying areas as much, but the reality is that we seem to get a lot of requests to host from sites on the western part of the state and not as many requests from the eastern part.  We are continuing to target areas in the east to host. If you're interested in hosting an event in your area for your division, submit a Tournament Sanction Request form and we will do our best to accommodate you!