When are the Registration Packets being published for the 2018/2019 season?

The registration packet and all applicable forms are now available for download on our website (Forms) . The 2018/2019 packets will be posted on/after September 1, 2018. An email notice to all of last Club Directors will be sent shortly after posting informing them the registration packets are available. We will still mail a packet as needed to those that make a request to the Region Office. Beginning September 1, all individuals are encouraged to renew/register online early even before actual teams are formed. Go to the online registration page to renew/join for the coming season any time after September 1! If you do not know which team/club you will be playing with or the club is not listed, then just choose "UNDECIDED" as your club and we will add you to the club when you are added to a team. The team rep will only need to send in a team registration form listing the members of their team and the appropriate team fee. Please see the online registration page for additional information.