What is the Team Code?

All teams across the country are assigned a unique identifier by their Region to help track a team's tournament results at major inter-Regional tournaments (this is mainly used with Juniors but Adult teams have been assigned codes as well). If you travel to an inter-Regional tournament (Qualifiers, Junior Nationals, etc.), you will be asked for your Team Code. An example Team Code looks like this: FJ8WSVBC1CR. The "F" indicates a Female team; the "J8" indicates an 18 and under team; "WSVBC" is the Club the team is affiliated with (this is assigned by Region - individual teams will have a 5 character code based on their Club name); the "1" indicates the ranking of that team in their own club in that age group; and the "CR" stands for the Carolina Region. Again, only teams that will be traveling to large inter-Regional tournaments will even need this number. When Club Administrators print their rosters and Tournament Entry forms on the online system, the forms will show this Team Code automatically. Please make note of it for future reference. The Team Codes will also be in the Team Directory section of the Tournament System  for easier reference.  NOTE:  Team Codes do not necessarily stay the same from season to season for a particular team, so Club Directors should wait until the current season's Team Registrations are processed before using a team code.