What is the minimum age required to coach in the Junior Program?

All Junior coaches must be at least 18 years of age and at least two years older than the team they coach. However, individuals who have reached their 16th birthday may serve as a rostered Assistant Coach for teams that are a minimum of three age groups younger than the coach. Teams utilizing these junior coaches must register a Chaperone 25 or older also to be on the roster and sit on the bench in the event that the Head Coach is not able to finish a match on the bench. In addition, the Head Coach must be 25 or older and must be on the bench to start all matches. These Junior coaches must comply with all coaching prerequisites (IMPACT/SafeSport) before they can be added to the roster. In the event, the coach turns 18 during the season, they must clear the USAV Background Screen policy and would be governed by the current Coaches’ policies as found in the Operating Code.

Other minimum requirements for Coaches:

  • Clear the USAV/RVA Background Screen (all adults 18 or older affiliating with junior program must clear this)
  • Agree to the USAV Code of Ethics Form.  This is done electronically during the Registration process.
  • Obtain an IMPACT or CAP Certification (After initial certification, coaches must attend an approved continuing education clinic every three seasons to remain eligible to coach)
  • Must be SafeSport certified