We registered our team as “Quintile 2” (or any other lower Quintile) when entering our team information in the Tournament System during the team registration process, but we just got assigned to Site 1 (or other site higher than what we “registered” as) for our next tournament. Why?

One important distinction to keep in mind, first. The use of the word "Quintile" during the Team Registration process has nothing to do with what site number a team might get assigned to! During the Team Registration process, we ask Club Directors/Team Reps to tell us what "Quintile" they want to start with among FIVE groupings. Those five "Groups" represent (1) Top 20% of all teams in that age group/realm (east/west); (2) 21-40% of teams; (3) 41-60% of teams; (4) 61-80% of teams; (50 81-100% of teams. That grouping sets the team's INITIAL points value in the Tournament System ONLY. After a team plays their first tournament and their points begin to go up/down, the "Quintile" from their initial team creation is irrelevant as they are ranked based on their currents points value. The word "Site/Division" in the Tournament System is used to differentiate between SITES only. We will have as many "Sites/Divisions" as we can accommodate to allow as many teams to play. So, our bigger age groups will see 7-9 "Sites/Divisions" on a tournament weekend (but remember, we only had "five" groupings on team registration form - so those two uses have nothing to do with each other). Teams get assigned to "Sites/Divisions" based on (a) their points rankings AND (b) how many teams ranked above them have entered that particular tournament! So, a team that selects Quintile 2 (21-40% of teams) could play at "Site/Division" 1 if there were not a lot of teams ranked ABOVE them entered in that tournament. Teams are still assigned into tournaments on their rankings so they are playing teams ranked around them. Teams will be assigned to "SITES" for all regular season tournaments.  For all Regional Championship Events at the end of the season, teams will be assigned to "DIVISIONS" to maintain the historical use of that term in Regional Championship Events in the past. Please see the Junior Tournament Structure and Information Letter and the Site Assignment Example for more information.