We are a new Team/Club and our Club name is not listed in the Carolina Region/USAV Online Registration system? Can we still register and how do we get our Club name listed?

Yes, individuals can register anytime. Just choose "Undecided" as the club and we will automatically move players into the correct club and assign them to a team when we receive a completed Team Registration Form and team fee payment. Individuals that are current and have a club name of "Undecided" may also log in to their member account, go to the Member Profile tab, and click on the clubname to scroll through the list and choose any club that is listed. Once a club is selected, an individual may not change that club for the rest of the season. New clubs can submit the Club Information Sheet to the Region at any time for us to add the club to the system (existing clubs should submit annually as well so we can keep the Club Administrator information updated).