What is the structure/format of the Regional Championships events?

The process of identifying the top teams that qualify for the Regional Championships will be the same as last season.  Regional Championship tournaments will be played on the SAME weekends as the East/West Championships.  We will identify FOUR teams from the East and FOUR teams from the WEST to play for the Regional Championships in each age group.  Of the teams that qualify AND submit an entry for a Regional Championship event, we will use the updated Standings after the final regular season tournament in the applicable age group to identify the top FOUR teams in the East and top FOUR teams in the West.  Those eight teams will be assigned to a central location and will play for the Regional Championships in that age group.  All other teams that enter that particular Regional Championship Event weekend will be assigned to their applicable East/West Championships. The Format of the Regional Championships will be normal 4-team round robin play.  Top TWO finishers in each pool advance to semi-finals.  Some East/West Championship sites may have 3-team pools or play the 6-team tournament format depending on the total number of eligible entries that are received and total number of courts available.