Our coach has already attended an IMPACT clinic. Does he/she have to attend another IMPACT clinic?

The Carolina Region has updated its Coaching Education Policy.  It states: The Carolina Region believes that every player deserves a coach trained in the current techniques and safety issues of the sport. All Head and Assistant Coaches are required to have, at a minimum, current IMPACT certification in order to coach in the Region. An IMPACT certification now grants three seasons of coaching eligibility in the Carolina Region. Although USAV IMPACT certification does not expire, the Region believes it is important for coaches to stay current in the field. The Region uses the IMPACT certification field in each coach’s member account to track the need for recertification. Coaches may check their certification status and renewal date in their Member Record. Attending an IMPACT clinic, CAP clinic, or other approved HP Coaching Development Clinic at any time will extend a coach’s eligibility for another three seasons.

NOTE:  Since CAP clinics grant four seasons of certification (once all requirements are met after the clinic), those coaches that keep their CAP certification CURRENT, will also keep their Coaching Eligibility current.

The Carolina Region Board established that all coaches that had a previous IMPACT certification would have an initial expiration date of October 31, 2012.  Coaches that have an expired Continuing Education Status will need to attend an approved clinic before the current season in order to remain eligible to coach.