What is the Libero Uniform requirement for the 2020/2021 USAV season?

LIBERO UNIFORM RULE: (p. 65-66) 19.2 The Libero player(s) must wear a uniform (or jacket/bib for the redesignated Libero) which has a different dominant color from any color of the rest of the team click to read more. The uniform must clearly contrast with the rest of the team.  The Libero uniforms must be numbered like the rest of the team. USAV 19.2a   The Libero(s) must wear a jersey that clearly contrasts with the jersey of their teammates. USAV 19.2b  A jacket or bib can only be worn by the redesignated Libero.  If a jacket or bib is worn by the redesignated Libero, the uniform number must still be visible. USAV 19.2c  Numbers shall be a contrasting color to the uniform top and meet all other specification in USAV  Color combinations such as purple/black, dark green/black, navy/maroon, and white/light yellow are not distinctive enough to comply with the rules.  NOTE:  the color of the number must clearly contrast with the color of the jersey irrespective of any border around the number. 

NOTE:  USA Volleyball has set up a review process for questionable uniform combinations.  Clubs with questions about potential sets of uniforms can submit questions/pictures to the Rules Interpreter for review before ordering!  Please allow 5 business days to process your submission.  Go here (lower right of page) for more information and to submit your info.