I was in another Region last season and need to renew. My record will not let me change regions and I keep getting my old region’s info when I click to renew. How do I update my region in my record?

This is not something a member can change in their record.  First off, do not apply for renewal until your assigned region is updated or your application will go in to the old region.  Just send an email to office@carolinaregionvb.org with the member's name, birthdate and old region.  Ask that the Assigned Region be changed to the Carolina Region.  We will make the change for you on the back-end and you will be able to log back in and renew into the Carolina Region.  

NOTE:  The old Region's logo will still show when you log in.  It will not change until you complete the renewal process and are officially in a new region.  As long as it is giving you Carolina Region membership options on the second screen of the renewal process, then it is going into the correct region.