I chose “Undecided” as my club when I registered and now I have chosen a club and my club can not see my record. How do I change my club information in my record?

This only works if your club is showing as "Undecided or No club".  Log in to your member record.  Go to the "Member Area" section of the left-hand menu and click the + to expand the available listings.  Choose the "Member Profile" link in the left-hand menu.  There will be some BLUE tabs in the main part of the screen.  Choose the "Member Profile" Blue tab.  On this screen, you can update your address, email, phone and other personal info at any time.  The club field on the right side of screen will be a scrollable field (down arrow to right of the field) IF the club is currently listed as "Undecided".  Just click on Undecided and you will be able to scroll through the clubs and select your club.  Hit the Edit Contact Info Red button at the bottom when you are done.

  • NOTE:  If you selected another club when registering but are not playing with that club, you will not be able to change it.  We will change it automatically for you when your team sends in the Team Registration Form.  You can also send an email to office@carolinaregionvb.org with member name and birthdate and ask to have the club updated.  Note:  Once you have participated in an event with one club, you are not eligible to switch clubs during the current season!

We recommend all players select "Undecided" during the tryout period and then log back in to change your club after you are confirmed in a club (or wait for us to update it when we process the team registration forms).