I am a Player – How do I affiliate with a Club in the USAV Member Management System (MMS)?

The process of selecting a club in the USAV database has improved from previous seasons.  CLUBS will send out a URL link to affiliate with their club for the next USA Volleyball season (called the Public Club Assignment link).  The club only needs to send the Public Club Assignment link to a prospective player and this will add the player/coach to their Directory, allow them to buy a current season membership (if needed) and affiliate the player/coach with their club for the USAV indoor season so they may be added to a roster (this is binding and should only be accepted if you are sure you want to be with this club the entire USAV indoor season).   You may receive invitations from multiple clubs (especially if trying out for more than one club).  That is normal and you would just ignore the invitations from the clubs you do not want to affiliate with, and accept the invite of the one you will participate with.  In addition to the Club invite from the MMS, clubs will also have the player sign a Carolina Region Letter of Commitment (LOC).  This form is the only approved method for committing to a club for the USAV indoor season.  Players should not sign the LOC or accept an online Invite in the MMS until they are sure they want to be with that club for the entire indoor season. For more on the MMS invite process, go here.