I am a Player – How do I affiliate with a Club in the New Member Management System?

With the change to the new Member Management System, the process of selecting a club in the USAV database has changed.  Members do not choose it inside their member accounts now like under the old system.  The new system has the CLUBS sending out an invitation to affiliate with their club for the next USA Volleyball season.  You may actually get two invitations – one to join their Directory for communication purposes (joining the Directory does NOT affiliate the player for the season - it just allows the club to communicate with the player) and then a second to affiliate for the next USAV season (this is binding and should only be accepted if you are sure you want to be with this club the entire USAV season).  You’ll need to accept both invitations to become affiliated.  You may receive invitations from multiple clubs (especially if trying out for more than one club).  That is normal and you would just ignore the invitations from the clubs you do not want to affiliate with, and accept the invite of the one you will participate with.  Currently the invites come as emails to the Account Holder.  SportsEngine is working on improving the process to allow the invites to show inside the Membership account impotenciastop.pt.  The member will then be able to approve or decline from within their account.  This is scheduled to be available by end of October.  For more on this process, go here.