I am not sure I want to play a whole season with this team. Can I play in just one tournament? Or, can I register Unaffiliated?

Yes! We have a one-event membership category. The one-event fee is $10 ($5 Region; $5 to USAV) and the membership will be valid for five consecutive days beginning on the start date the applicant enters during the registration process. The registration requirements for one-event are the same as for regular memberships.  Register online, answer the quizzard questions indicating you will be playing for a limited time to be shown the one-event option, enter the start date for the event (IMPORTANT), and submit the payment.  Registration is due at least one-week before the event as will all membership categories. You can also register one-event as late as Thursday before the event with a $5 late fee (invoiced through the MMS by the Region office). Individuals may only participate as a one-event member TWICE during the indoor season. If that individual wants to continue to participate in sanctioned events, they may go through the quizzard again and choose another member category.  They will receive partial credit for the prior one-event membership purchase. The Region will maintain a list of Unaffiliated Adult members on our website (full members only). Adult players can register with the Region (at regular fees) as unaffiliated. Adult teams in need of a player for a specific tournament can consult the list and contact players to pick up for that specific tournament. Unaffiliated players may play in THREE tournaments (with three different teams if it works out that way) while they are on the unaffiliated player list. After the THIRD tournament played, the player may choose which team they wish to register for the remainder of the season. Players must be listed on the roster of the team at the tournament as UNAFFILIATED PLAYER LIST. If interested in being on this list, register with the region (membership form and fee) and write "unaffiliated list" in the team name box. Contact the Region Office if you have more questions.