I am an individual (adult or junior) and I want to join a team. What do I need to do?

All individuals (Adults and Juniors) can go to our Tournament System to view the team directory from 2017/2018 season to contact teams to see when their tryouts are or if they need additional players (NOTE:  from the main page, you will also see a View Historical Data section where you can see past season's info and directories.  You will need to go there after Sept 1 as we will transition the database to the new season on September 1).  Choose a Program first and then choose the Team Directory option under the INFO heading.  Once on the Team Directory page, you can use the column arrows to sort and find teams y city, gender, etc.

We also have a listing of all Club websites we are aware of broken down by city/county here.  Contact any club/team you are interested in to see if they need additional players, or for juniors, when their tryouts will be. We also have added a Club Directory in the Tournament System (Info tab) as well.

You can also list yourself on our Player's Board.  This is a resource for individuals to use if they are still searching for a club.  Clubs can use the Player's Board to advertise their needs and look over players still looking for a team.

We will also post a Junior Tryout Listing at the beginning of each season as clubs notify us of their tryout dates.