I am an individual (adult or junior) and I want to join a team. What do I need to do?

All individuals (Adults and Juniors) can go to our Tournament System to view the team and club directories to view contact information (NOTE:  The Tournament System resets on September 1 of each season.  To see Directories from the prior season, from the main page, you will also see a View Historical Data section at the bottom Click the prior season, to pull up that data. When you are in the tournament system (either current season or a Historical Season), choose a Program first (Junior or Adult) and then choose the Team Directory option under the INFO heading.  Once on the Team Directory page, you can use the column arrows to sort and find teams by city, gender, etc.

The Club Directory is also under the INFO heading.  If the club has a website, it is available on this Directory in the last column (click the "url" link to go to their website).  Contact any club you are interested in to see if they need additional players, or for juniors, when their tryouts will be.

You can also list yourself on our Player's Board.  This is a resource for individuals to use if they are still searching for a club.  Clubs can use the Player's Board to advertise their needs and look over players still looking for a team.

We may also post a Junior Tryout Listing at the beginning of each season as clubs notify us of their approved tryout dates.