How will teams be ranked for seeding the Adult and Junior tournaments?

We will be utilizing the same Tournament System as last season.  The Tournament System will be an online-based system and we will provide a link to it on our website so all teams can see their individual results. This site will also list ALL tournament entries and results during the year, so all teams will have one link to follow to get this information! Teams will be assigned an initial point value to begin the season based on what they select on the Team Registration Form. As teams play each other their point total will adjust based on the result of the sets between the teams. Winning a set against a team with a higher point total than you will raise a team's point level. Losing a set against a team with a lower point total will cause a team's point total to lower. Thus, we will get results for all pool play matches and playoffs. The set results for pool and playoffs will be used to update point totals (i.e. additional points for winning a tournament or matches are no longer part of the system). Teams will not lose any points for not playing a tournament. Remember - The Ranking System for Adults and Juniors will ONLY be used to aid in seeding tournaments, assigning teams to sites (Juniors only) and putting tournament pools together [exception - the Ranking System may be used to determine who is eligible for the Regional Championships if there is a lack of facilities for a particular division (i.e. only room for 10 Men's Gold teams then top 10 teams by the Ranking System will have first priority into Men's Gold). All efforts will be made to find enough courts for all teams that enter the Regional Championships by their deadline.] The Ranking System does not recognize "the Region Champion". That comes on the court at the Regional Championships (exception - if a division does not get enought entries to hold a Regional Championship, then the Rankings will be used to name a Region Champion for the season). All Carolina Region Adult and Junior regular season tournaments will feed into the Ranking System.  Beginning with the 2018 Season, we will also upload results from Quest, City of Oaks, Queen City, and MAPL Raleigh as long as they use a results system that will provide an adequate results file at the end of the event (we need USAV Team Codes captured in the results).  By design, out-of-Region teams will need to be put into the system in order to have accurate results. We will mark out-of-Region teams with their Region behind their teamname so our teams can know to ignore them when ranking teams top to bottom. The Ranking System will not be updated for out-of-Region tournaments. Please go to our Tournament System FAQ for additional answers to common questions about the Tournament System.