How will playoffs be handled? Could our ranking go down by losing in the playoffs?

The Carolina Region Junior Advisory Board and Region Board of Directors recently approved a change in the Tournament Ranking System.  All matches in a tournament, including playoff matches, will now be calculated the same.  So, the results of all individual sets played during a tournament will be treated the same and calculated as described in earlier answers.  The only exception will be tie-breaker sets to break ties for 1st or 2nd in pool.  We do not currently track those sets on the tournament spreadsheet so cannot include those in the points calculation.  Plans are to eventually update the spreadsheet to capture any tie-breaking sets.  Once that happens, we will include those in the points calculations as well.  So, a team’s ranking may go down if they lose in the playoffs.  This change will allow the system to operate as it is originally designed!  A team’s rankings will change based on its results in sets/matches against other teams in the rankings.