How do I register for clinics this season (Players, Coaches, Officials)?

All Junior members will be automatically enrolled in the online Referee and Scorer clinics in the USA Volleyball Learning Management System (LMS).  To access the clinics, log in to your SE account, go to Household, choose the member's profile and go to the Carolina Regional Volleyball membership section.  You can access the LMS from there.  Junior members will need to take the Referee and Scorer's clinics online each season to get certified. Coaches will need to register for their online clinics by going directly to the LMS (from within their SE account).  Once in the LMS, go to the Courses and enroll in the "Junior Officiating Coursework for Adults" curriculum to automatically be enrolled in all the same Junior clinics the players are taking.  This coursework is all that is needed for Coaches to meet the roster requirement. The Region will enroll all our Professional Officials in their applicable clinics automatically.  Professional officials will also access the LMS from within their SE account per above. Junior Clubs may choose to hold supplemental in-person officiating clinics to complement what is learned in the online clinics as well as get hands-on scoring practice before the tournaments.  These clinics are encouraged, but not required.  Per above, all certifications will be awarded online this season.