How are the Initial Points determined?

Each team will start with an "initial points value" depending upon what division (adult play) or Grouping (Junior play) they register their team as. For example, in Adult Men’s play there are three divisions: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Adult Teams that sign up for Gold will start at a rating of 1800, Silver at 1600, and Bronze at 1400. For Junior’s Play, we will assign teams to tournaments in 4-team pool increments based on the Standings (for more information on the Junior Structure/Tournament Assignment Process, see this Information Sheet).  Junior Teams will register at the beginning of the season and choose one of FIVE Groupings corresponding to 100% of the teams in their Age group and geographic area (East/West).   Each category represents 20% of the overall teams.  So, teams that sign up for Group 1 feel they will be in the top 20% of teams; teams in Group 2 feel they will be ranked among the top 21-40% of teams; and so on.  The starting values for each Group will be staggered based on age group and will decrease by 125 points for each category.  The Group 1 Initial Points value for each age group is as follows: 18’s -2500; 17’s - 2300; 16’s - 2100; 15’s - 1900; 14’s - 1700; 13’s - 1500; 12’s - 1300.   As teams play each other, their ranking points will go up and down based on the results of each set. After each tournament, the Standings will be used to determine pools for the next tournament. For the Adults, at the end of the season, the rankings will be used to place teams into final divisions for the Regional Championships. NOTE:  Once a team participates in a tournament against other Carolina Region teams, their initial "grouping" will not be relevant to their assignment into tournaments or to their "SITE" number.  Their current Standings based on their match results as well as how many teams ranked above them that enter a particular tournament will determine their site assignment.  It is entirely possible and probable for higher ranked teams to be assigned to a site below Site 1 if there are a lot of entries received from teams ranked at the top of the rankings.