Can our practices/tryouts be covered by the Region’s Insurance Program? What is a Sanctioned Event?

When you join the Carolina Region, you are joining a group Association (two associations really - the Carolina Region and all its members and then USA Volleyball as a whole which allows us to use the whole country's membership totals in negotiations).  Please keep in mind that the Carolina Region and USA Volleyball are two separate organizations - a common error we get is checks made payable to USAV.  One of the benefits you receive as a member of this association is General Liability Insurance and a Secondary Medical policy coverage at "Sanctioned Events" (for more on the insurance component see the Insurance Section of our Team Handbooks at the Forms section of the website). Events may be either sanctioned by USA Volleyball (i.e. Qualifiers, Junior National Championships, National High Performance clinics, etc) or the Regions of USAV (Regional Volleyball Associations or RVAs). The Regions sanction events like local tournaments, clinics, and PRACTICES. The process to have an event sanctioned by the region begins with a tournament director, club, or individual filling out the applicable request form and sending in to the Region. One of the requirements for an event to be sanctioned and for the group insurance to be in force is for ALL participants to be current members of the RVA/USAV. If it is a junior event that is being sanctioned, then all adults affiliating with a junior club must clear their background screen BEFORE participating. So for clubs wanting their tryouts and/or practices to be sanctioned by the Region (and thus covered under our insurance program), then all participants must be current members and adults must have cleared their background screen before the event for it to be officially sanctioned (adults need to apply at least SIX business days before the event to have time to clear the background screen!). We allow individuals to register/renew for the new season on September 1, which gives plenty of time for players and coaches to meet these requirements if a club wants their tryouts and practices sanctioned.  Clubs can request to have their events/activities sanctioned through a form linked from the Insurance Forms section of our Forms page.