Can I enter more than one tournament at a time?

YES! We have a simpler way to enter our one-day tournaments directly in the Carolina Region Tournament System.  Club Directors will now select their club in a drop-down list.  Once selected, all teams in their club will be shown with check boxes underneath each tournament date that age group is scheduled to compete.  Clubs can enter as many or as few tournaments from this page as they want.  The club director will be sent an invoice in their SE account for the total tournament entry fee due.  Invoices can then be paid with a credit card or a check can be mailed in (but still must be received before the entry deadline).  Clubs should only submit entries for the number of tournaments they are prepared to submit a payment for as we can only approve all the entries associated with an invoice. Clubs should submit these entries well before the earliest entry deadline to provide time for us to manually send the entry fee invoice and for the club to then submit payment.  All entries must be marked paid before a team will show as submitting an entry and be eligible to be assigned to a site.  Our tournament entry information page is here.  The link for Club Directors to enter tournaments directly in the Tournament System is here.

Clubs/Teams may still submit a Tournament Entry Form and check if they prefer.  Clubs may submit as many tournament entries by this method as they wish.  If you do submit multiple tournament entry forms, please only include one check for the total amount of entries due.