Can a female/girl play on a men’s/boy’s team (or vice-versa)?

According to Article X, Section B.3. of the USA Volleyball Operating Code, Men's Divisions are comprised of teams consisting of males only and Women's Divisions are comprised of teams consisting of females only. The Carolina Region supports this definition. People of the opposite gender may appear on a team's roster as a coach or to satisfy the official's requirement, but they could not play in sanctioned competition. The Carolina Region will sanction co-ed tournaments for those tournament hosts willing to hold a co-ed tournament. For Junior's competitions, the Region will allow boys and girls to play together on the same team in the Girls' 13 and under division (or lower) only to promote development (max limit of two males on a Girls 13 and under or lower roster).  Those younger girls teams that have a boy on the roster should get permission from the tournament director before playing a coed roster at out-of-Region events (and CR two-day special events).