Help us keep our Tournament Sites!
February 2014

The Carolina Region had a note come in to the Office recently that should alarm all our players, coaches, club directors and parents.

The letter came from a facility that has been hosting tournaments for us for a couple seasons.  They are in a good central location and has multiple courts to provide opportunities for kids to play the sport they love.

But, this letter was informing us that they may not host any more tournaments after the ones they have already been scheduled for.  This is their reason why:

"We struggle with parking, [the] disrespect people show to the gym, damages to the wall/toilets/floor, etc.; post-event cleaning, arguments on lighting, chairs, picnic tables/trash, etc. are way beyond that we could handle."

My guess, if you are reading this, then you may see at least someone from your team or club in this note if not yourself.  This is not the only such note we get from time to time from our facilities.  We are fortunate that almost all of our facilities work with us and continue to host events.  We need anywhere from 60-75 courts EVERY weekend across the state to handle the teams that want to play on any given weekend.  We cannot afford to lose sites! 

You the participants can make it real easy for us to keep our sites too!  Little things like cleaning up after yourselves before you leave the site; be understanding that each facility is different and has their own policies on food, seating, etc that work for the best interest of that facility but is not meant as a personal slight against you; respecting other teams and individuals attending the tournament as they try to find places to camp and watch the matches; and saying THANK YOU to the tournament directors for hosting!

These things will go a long way to making the tournament experience an enjoyable one for participants and the tournament director.  And it just might help us retain our Tournament hosts and attract new ones!

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.  We hope you enjoy the rest of your season!