Youth Girls Information

The Carolina Region will again support a Youth membership category for girls 11 and younger for this season. Our hope is to reach younger age groups and introduce them to volleyball.  This category is ideal for those clubs creating Developmental leagues and practice opportunities for younger participants. This division does not need to form teams or play in sanctioned weekend tournaments (they could play in 12 and under tournaments if they wanted but there are no current plans to offer Youth tournaments until more 11 and under age group teams are created in the Region). The goal is for clubs to start reaching out to the next generation of volleyball players and get them involved at a younger age. See the articles linked on this page to see how to make your developmental practices and leagues fun for all participants.

2021/2022 FEES:

Youth Girls (all girls 11 and younger-born on or after July 1, 2010) – $15 ($8 Region Fee; $7 USAV fee)